About us

Skaland Camping AS

Bergsfjordveien 1751, 9385 Skaland

Organization number.: 921 251 769
Bank account number.: 4750 73 27059
Phone: +47 966 46 115

Contact us

+47 966 46 115

Address (Invoices)

Marit Wisløff
Movegen 9
9515 Alta

Mailing address

Harald Heitmann
Nordliveien 260
9303 Silsand

This website is made by

The website is made by Cleverly

Tore Nordli is in charge of IT. Harald Heitmann is in charge of images and text.

We have used many great pictures, primarily from:

Reiner Schaufler and Karl Otto Heitmann

We’ve also used pictures from Trude Mørkved, Tormod Amundsen and our own pictures.

The amazing video from Senja is made by:

Aleksander Englund (YouTube)