If you arrive by car through the Skaland tunnel, your first encounter with Skaland will be Bergsbotn. Here, you’ll find a spectacular vantage point overlooking the Berg fjord, scattered buildings, and a nice starting point for hiking in the mountains or fishing trips.

Centrally located on Skaland, you’ll find a Joker convenience store, the Pila pub, Skagi restaurant and motel, and the old country house, which is now home to the mining museum. Additionally, there is a port for small boats, where trips out to the fjord are arranged by Basecamp Senja.

For people who want to fish from land, we recommend the left corner of the breakwater. Further along the beachline, you’ll find the old school, where they occasionally serve coffee and cakes.

Behind the mining museum, there are parking spots for hikers on their way to Brusen, Husfjellet and Torvhaugen. The church is located up the hill behind the retirement home, with the community center right above it.

If you drive all the way to the end, you’ll reach Bøvær, with it’s beautiful, sandy beach and Kråkeslottet (the «Crows castle»).

Skaland centre

The buildings in the picture contain a shop, pub, Basecamp Senja, Skagi motel and restaurant, and the miningmuseum. The docks are in the background.

The shop

Skagi restaurant and lodge


Next to the waterfall by the landslide, you’ll find a trail to the mountains and fishingspots.


The «Crows castle» is an old, rebuilt fishery, where the Art-in-July festival and other concerts are hosted. It’s a great place to host conferences and birthday parties. The Bøvær beach is excellent for kiting and swimming.