Activities and attractions

The ocean

Basecamp Senja arranges trips to the islets in the fjord.

Incredible location for kayaking.

The whale is a frequent guest in some seasons.

Millions of cod come to Senja to spawn in the winter.


The mountains offer many challenges and experiences in the winter. Check www.væ before your trip.

Create your own snowcastle and enjoy the sun with your best friend!

Enjoy a bonfire with your friends in the cold winter evenings.

Senja offers amazing landscape for skiing, with smooth terrain and prepared tracks.


The coral sand give the beaches on Færøya their white color.

Ersfjordstranda is a great place to visit on a warm summer day.

Go windsurfing on a windy summer day (Bøværstranda).

Enjoy a refreshing dip at Bøstranda.

Experience the Senja mountains

Senja also has rounded and calm mountains, with nice curves.

Great terrain for tall climbs.

The mountain landscape is massive and mighty.

Experience the incredible light and mood in the mountain sunsets.