Rules for Skaland Camping


Booking and payment is done through our website:

All payment is made in advance. Current prices apply.

We have numbered spots, and you pick your own spot through our website. Do not drive onto the spot until your booking is complete.


Check out time for mobile homes, caravans, tents and RV’s is before 12.00. The area should be left tidy and clean.

During your stay

  1. Driving inside the camp site is not allowed between the hours of  23.00  and  06.00.
  2. All driving on the premises should be at walking speeds.
  3. It is not allowed to use open flames in the area, except for in designated areas. Grills are allowed. Guests are expected to educate themselves on local rules and laws regarding fire safety, gas, and other provisions.
  4. Charging of electric vehicles is not allowed, unless specifically agreed upon with the camp site staff.
  5. Water stations are only to be used for drinking water.
  6. Common areas such as toilets, showers, washing stations etc. should be left clean and tidy.
  7. Dogs must be kept on a leash and walked outsite the camp site area. Waste bags must always be used.
  8. Ball games should not be played on the camp site.
  9. It should be quiet between the hours of  23.00  and  07.00.
  10. Guests are expected to follow instructions made by the staff, and educate themselves on guidelines and other provisions, such as fire safety.
  11. Everyone on the camp site is expected to be polite and respectful. Intoxicated guests that misbehave or disturb the peace can be asked to leave the area, if necessary, with the help of police.
  12. Electrical cable: Cables should be undamaged from the electrical box to the vehicle. Cables must meet regulations.
  13. Extension cords must not be used for coffee makers, tumbledryers, water heaters, heaters or pumps.
  14. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for their cable and installation in the vehicle. Cables may be disconnected if we discover irregularities or damage.
  15. Drain: Septic water should be emptied in the designated drainage station.
  16. Waste: Only dispose of regular household waste (food, packaging) in the waste bins. Other waste should be brought with you when you leave.
  17. Sale of goods and services is not allowed unless specific permission is given by the staff.
  18. The camp site cannot be held responsible for guests property. Damage must be compensated by the person responsible.