In the area


Steinfjord is a characteristic fishing village in Senja. It is located around 3km north of Skaland, by the fjord with the same name.


Hamn is an old trading and fishing village and the location of the old nickel mine. Today, Hamn is a tourist destination with, among other things, a restaurant.


Gryllefjord has a long and exciting history as a fishing village. In the summer, Gryllefjord has a ferry connection to Andenes.


Ersfjord is surrounded by tall and steep mountains, the tallest of which is around 800 meters above sea-level. One of the more characteristic mountains is Okshornan, also called the Devil’s teeth. Ersfjord has a port for small boats and is known for it’s beautiful sandy beach.


Senjahopen is sheltered from weather and wind, and is one of the most important fishing villages on Senja, with short distance to the fishing areas.


Medfjordvær is an old fishing village with a long history. It’s a great starting location for hiking and boat rides.